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A few words from the founder
The kitchen, where we most often order countertops, is the heart of the home, the place where our families gather every day. I wanted to make it even better by ordering a high-quality countertop. But the unreliable contractor ruined my plans and trust. Faced with this problem, I realized that many people experience the same frustration when trying to improve their homes. That's why we created countertopscontractors.com - so that no one else would have to face such disappointments, and everyone could rely on professionals.
Max Kuchma, founder countertopscontractors.com

At Countertops Contractors, we have created a unique platform for your convenience.

Now customers have the opportunity to order stone countertops from the best contractors we have carefully selected and checked. This ensures confidence in the high quality of provided services. For contractors, our service has become a place where they demonstrate their skills and receive orders directly from clients who appreciate their professionalism.
Only the best service for our users!
Many of the existing service aggregators provide the opportunity for any company to register on their platforms. Instead, in CountertopsContractors, we have chosen a different path. We prioritize quality over the quantity of companies on our list. Therefore, every contractor that comes to us undergoes an accurate check and analysis. We manually examine the reputation, reviews, and quality of the work of each company. Only those who meet our high standards are included in our rankings. This guarantees you, as a customer, confidence in your choice.
Moreover, our concern for users is not limited to just checking contractors. We strive to provide you with the best experience while using our service.
After analyzing the limitations of many aggregators, we have focused on transparency and ease of interaction with contractors. We don't have hidden numbers or redirects – you can connect directly with a contractor using the most convenient method for you: a direct phone number, messenger links, or traditional email.
Recognizing the importance of in-depth insight when choosing a contractor, we've implemented additional features for your convenience. Every contractor provides their portfolio, allowing you to see examples of their work. You can review a sample of the contractor's contract to ensure their professionalism and working standards. But the key innovation is the interview with the head of each company. This unique feature offers you the opportunity to hear the voice of your potential contractor and understand their approach, values, and professional ambitions.
With CountertopsContractors, you're not just choosing a contractor – you're making an informed decision for quality, reliability, and convenience. We invite you to enjoy a new collaboration experience with the best professionals in this industry!
Dear Contractors!
At CountertopsContractors, we are proud to present a platform designed with the highest standards of user experience in mind. Since the launch of our project, we have been continuously expanding our listings by including more outstanding companies specialized in stone countertop fabrication. For our initial listing entries, we used publicly available data, analyzing your reviews, ratings, and licensing status, and extracted company descriptions from public sources. However, to increase inquiries and gain trust from potential clients, this might not be enough! That's why we invite you to take an active role in shaping your profile on our site. Make it as informative as possible, and enrich it with unique content and details about your company. We understand you're busy, so we're ready to assist in uploading photos, price lists, and videos. Just reach out to us on our page and we'll provide all the necessary instructions and schedule a convenient time for an interview with you.
Let's work together to create the best and most informative resource for your potential clients!
CountertopsContractors offers contractors a unique opportunity to stand out among competitors and to be proud of their place in the top rankings; while for customers, it's a guarantee of choosing a verified and high-quality service provider, reducing the time spent on searching.

Our values

The foundation of every decision and action we take
Openness in all processes from start to finish
Ensuring maximum comfort for every user


In the CountertopsContractors.com team, unique professionals from different parts of the world have come together. Despite our geographical differences, we work hand in hand, united by a main goal: to create an exceptional product for our clients. We constantly strive to ensure the highest level of safety and convenience for every user. This approach gives us the confidence that each of our decisions makes the world a slightly better place. Our team is our most important asset, and every day we prove that together, we can achieve outstanding results.
Max K.
Founder, CMO, U.S.
Yuri P.
Tony N.
Technical Product Manager, Mexico
Vladislav K.
Senior SEO Specialist, Ukraine
Ann M.
Senior Analyst, Ukraine
Dmitry F.
Web Developer, New Zealand
Dara K.
UI/UX Designer, Turkey
Vicky K.
Market Analyst, U.S.
Igor S.
Market Analyst, Georgia
Kris G.
Market Analyst, Malaysia
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