Why we decided to create an aggregator website https://countertopscontractors.com? In April 2022, a few people who now work for our company faced the problem of a weary search for firms that produce and/or install natural stone countertops. Being just regular customers at the time, these people, similar to many of you, hoped the service they’d found would do everything according to their promises. But it never happened.

Not only was the goods’ delivery almost a month late, the color of the countertop material was also wrong. Moreover, the provider didn’t fulfill its obligations for a money back guarantee. Only hiring a lawyer helped to resolve the situation. But the resentment remained strong.

This episode made our colleagues and us think about what we can do to help our near and dear ones and a community as a whole to avoid similar situations and make them feel confident in their choices. We want people to be absolutely sure in the establishments they decide to contact, in their positions on the local market and their abilities to provide top-class countertop services.

We realized that to achieve this goal, we must objectively analyze not only their websites, but also the independent reviews left by their customers (for example, on Google maps or on social networks). In addition, we decided to study ratings of these providers on independent resources such as BBB (Better Business Bureau) or other trustworthy sources. All this represents a huge amount of work, but we’ve never regretted a moment we’ve spent to help others to save their money and their time!

To date, the Countertops Contractors experts have manually checked all the above-mentioned details of more than 600 companies and have selected the ones (10 for each major American town) who have passed the most rigorous evaluation.

This is a story of how the aggregator https://countertopscontractors.com came into being. We keep on topping up and updating the information on the best countertop providers, town after town and state after state. We are doing this to make your research easier, and the selection of the right firm – faster. And choose it not out of hundreds, but only out of 10 best firms working in your region.

Learn more about our manual ranking algorithm

In order to determine the reputation of each service provider and select out of the huge number of firms only the best ones, we thoroughly examined all the relevant information of each provider.

We believe that the described below process is the most efficient way to ensure trustworthy data on the firms we’d like to draw your attention to:

  1. In our database we created a comprehensive comparison table.
  2. We started from South Carolina, the state we are living in, where we researched all the cities with a population greater than 100,000.
  3. Next, we analyzed all the Google search results, including aggregating websites and commercial web resources for the query “State N city N countertops”.
  4. In this step, we compared the candidates by their BBB ratings, studied their reviews and testimonials and selected the ones whose rating exceeded 4.0.
  5. And finally, we examined their real customers’ comments posted on social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. If there was a discrepancy (for example, prevalence of positive opinions on Google Maps, but, at the same time, prevalence of negative ones on social media), we excluded such a business from the table.

If we had the slightest suspicion in non-existence of the business, despite the  presence of its website, we closely studied its social networks activity. If there  were no updates in 2022, or at least at the end of 2021, we removed this firm from the short-list.

This evaluation manner we applied to each and every major American city.

Since we are very self-demanding people and did not want to deviate from the evaluating algorithm we’d chosen, sometimes we could find less than 10 companies in each town meeting the criteria we set for them. Thus, some of our short-lists have less than 10 countertop businesses. But you can rest assured that those 7 or 8 organizations we selected are the best ones.

You can safely use the services of any of these 10 short-listed exemplary firms working in your area. The database we have carefully compiled has become the basis for filtering according to your individual criteria. We hope that you’ll find it useful and effective.

We are interested in making this website as user-friendly and as up-to-date as possible, and so we are open to any relevant feedback about any countertop provider, whether mentioned or not mentioned here. If you’d like to share your positive or negative experience with some countertop company, you are very welcome to do so. We will do our best to investigate the matter thoroughly and will update our database accordingly, by adding or removing this